8th August 2019

Is Nepal Safe to Travel?

Are you a traveler? If yes, then this article can help you decide your next tour that is to Nepal. Nepal is ranked as the top safest Country to travel. However, there are few crimes, but overall, many people love to visit it, and only a few complain about it. 

It’s obvious that whenever you hear the word Nepal, Mount Everest comes in your mind; it is one of the highest peaks in the world. Nepal is no doubt a naturally beautiful country but wondering if it’s safe or not is fine. That is why we have collected this information to guide you all about Nepal so you can have the best treks of your life.  

How safe is Nepal?

Culture of Nepal is a mixture of China and India. It is one of the safest countries, but of course, no country can be 100% secure. Same is the case with Nepal. It does have some earthquake threats and even extreme moon soon rains, which can cause severe devastation. The people of Nepal are amicable and caring. 

They warmly welcome their guests and treat them with special care. It’s rare to hear some severe crimes in Nepal, you won’t even see any street crime, but sometimes you could get fooled by some beggars. Otherwise, it’s a safe country. 

Everest Base Camp

Is Nepal safe to visit?

Yes, Nepal is entirely safe to visit. There are few facts about Nepal which are written below:

  •  Nepal comes 84th out of 163 countries ranked on the Global Peace Index.
  •  Its third safest place in South Asia.
  •  Most of the crimes are simple bribery or corruption
  •  Violent crime is not seen much
  •  It has a proper tourist police
  •  They made a scheme called ‘visit Nepal 2020’ specially made for tourists; their goal is to welcome 2 million tourists by 2020
  •  They take special care of their tourists 

Top safety tips for traveling in Nepal 

Nepal has a proper system of insurance for travelers. They have no policy of days; you can apply for coverage even if you are going on a short trip. There are a few things you need to take care of when you visit Nepal or any other country. 

Even though Nepal is safe and they provide good hotels and rest houses with trustworthy management, but still you shouldn’t keep anything valuable in your room while you are away. Walking around in dark streets and areas can also be sometimes a little dangerous plus take care of your vaccines and take some safety measures of how to deal with earthquakes before going to Nepal. 

sight seeing of mountains


Nepal is a beautiful Country with its unreal beauty and dreamy views. But the fact is that no one can escape Mother Nature like earthquakes and floods. They are something that cannot be stopped nor predicted. 

Other than that Nepal is a very safe country and the Nepalese are friendly and sweet, they take good care of their tourists and entertain them. The best thing is that they even have travel insurance in case of any emergency. They have a proper system to make your traveling safe. 

Now that you know that it is safe to travel find out how can you go cheap in Nepal


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