24th June 2019

A Backpacker’s Guide to Nepal

Nepal is well known as a backpacker’s paradise all over the world. Nepal is a small and beautiful country which is considered as an affordable destination by the backpackers. Nepal is not only a gateway to Mount Everest but many other mountains as well.

Along with easy visa process, Nepal attracts millions of backpackers through its adventurous, beautiful and welcoming activities at a very reasonable cost. 

However, here are some points you would want to consider before packing up for the majestic and heavenly land of wonders.

Visa Details

The citizens of most countries can get a visa on arrival in Nepal. Upon arrival into either at an airport or overland, you’ll need to pay on arrival visa fee. For most countries, it is USD $100 for 90 days, $40 for 30 days and $25 for 15 days. 

Note: You cannot pay for your visa in Nepalese or Indian rupees. Don’t forget to carry some foreign currencies like USD, GBP, EUR  or AUD. Or else, there is a currency exchange office there. You can also pay by credit card for an extra fee. 

To extend your visa, you now can only do it online before going to the immigration office. Extensions in Nepal cost about USD $2 per day.

Nepal Backpacking Costs

Nepal is the most preferred destination for budget travelers. It gets cheaper as you move from city towards the rural areas.

The budget can certainly be minimized if you opt for local accommodation and street foods.

Some of the ways to minimize your cost are by staying in local homestays instead of expensive hotels, opting for local delicacies and taking local transportation rather than tourist ones. This way, around $30 per day would be a very flexible backpacker budget.

One thing to note is that the more rural you go, the more expensive the food gets. So, it is always a better idea to be picky regarding your food once you decide to go to remote areas.

backpacker's cheap ride

A Backpacker’s Cheap city ride – a Rickshaw

The average outline of daily expenses would look like this:

  • Normal Guestroom: $5-$10
  • Average meal cost: $1-$5
  • Entrance fee in tourist sites: $2-$7 for foreigners 
  • Hiring a guide: $10-$25 a day

As long as you have a map with you, you really don’t need guides. That way, you are sure to save up some money. Also, hitchhiking can always be the best option for backpackers. Hitchhiking in Nepal is sure to serve you with an adventurous journey and a new friend.

Things to avoid while in Nepal 

  1. Take your billings seriously

Collect every bill and track your expenditures. This applies for every place you travel to. Not only does this help you with your personal documentation but also helps you settle down your cost priorities.

  1. Travel Safe

Irrespective of how organized you are regarding your travel plans, theft, robbery, and unsafe incidents are unpredictable. Especially for women travelers, safety measures are very vital. Avoiding the places you are unsure of, cross checking every information and communicating with the locals can be some preventive measures to any kind of unpleasant experience.

  1. Don’t risk your health

While some food might look appealing, never settle down for something unhygienic.Also, stay away from allergic foods. Drink water from clean and reliable sources.

  1. Avoid illegal activities

Until the late 1960s, buying and selling of drugs was legal in Nepal. Even now, cannabis wildly grow across Nepal and might tempt you but not to be forgotten, it is still illegal. Not just drugs, you would not want to be involved in any illegal activities if you want your experience to be a pleasant one.

Keeping these things in mind, your journey is assured to be a memorable one. Wish you a pleasant journey to the land of Himalayas.


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