25th August 2019

What are the things we have to careful about while trekking in Nepal with children?

Are you planning best trekking in Nepal activity with your children? If yes, then you have made the right choice because it allows your children to experience the wilderness of mountains and lush landscape at a very small age. A good parent always makes an effort to broaden the mindset of their children. And travel is the best way to extend the capacity of mind. Travelling allows learning new things, experience new places, people, their culture and tradition. It develops a capacity of adapting with changes and learning new things.

“Allow your children to immerse into the fantastic beauty of hills, valleys, rivers, and mountains. Let them experience the call of mother nature and Himalayas.”

Despite many positive aspects of trekking with children, there are some negative sides too. When you are traveling with children, you have to be very careful. You can’t let yourself free. You have to always keep an eye on them. Besides, you should take care of their simple needs and demands.

So, what are the things we have to care about while trekking in Nepal with children? If you are trekking in Nepal with children, there are certain things that you need to be concerned about. We recommend you to focus on four main components – food/water, altitude issues, remoteness, and discipline. Besides, these there are other sub-components that you take care of.

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Being a developing country, the food and water available might not be hygienic everywhere. So, you should be careful about what you eat and where you eat. Likewise, you should be very careful while drinking water. Make sure you carry a mineral water bottle. If not possible, boiled water can be obtained from guesthouses where you can add chlorine or other water purifiers to purify it.


While trekking, it is recommended to opt for local dal, bhat, and curry for a meal than any other available western foods. Very oily and spicy foods should be avoided. If possible, it is recommended to go for vegetarian dishes. Sometimes, the food doesn’t suit your immune system, especially children, they might get sick. So, early precautions should be applied.

Altitude issues

If you opt for trekking to the high altitudinal region with children, it might be a challenge. Sometimes, we might not know how the children are feeling unless they show some symptoms of restlessness. Therefore, not knowing how the children are feeling in early-stage might give rise to a worse situation. (*Note – this is in case you are trekking to higher altitudinal region)


When you travel to the remote regions, you might be out of reach of some basic facilities like hospitals, shopping malls; etc. things necessary might not be available when you require them. So, it is recommended to carry all the things that you think might be required while traveling with kids. Similarly, medical insurance is a must because, in case of any emergencies, you may require medical evacuation and emergency repatriation.

Slippery, muddy and dusty paths

The trekking trails are not so well paved therefore counsel your children well. In the way, there may be many hurdles to a smooth trek. The path may be slippery, muddy or dusty. Make sure that your child obeys you and the guide throughout the trek. The children shouldn’t run or go too far from their parents and guide. If anyone gets out of the trail, there may be a probability of getting lost on the way.

Poisonous plants

While trekking in Nepal, one will have to cross different forested area and isolated paths. There may be different kind of plants on the way. Some plants might be familiar but some might be poisonous and harmful for health. So, you should counsel your child not to pick up any plants just randomly and play with it.


Discipline is very important while trekking in Nepal. Make sure that your child is willing to follow the instruction given by you and your guide. Discipline should be maintained while walking because there are some do’s and do not’s for a safe journey. Your children should abide by the safety rules while traveling. One shouldn’t run or do any mischievous act like playing with random plants or things on the way. Always consider safety before using anything on the way.



Above all the aforementioned points, local etiquette should be respected. Do not do anything that might disrespect the sentiments of local people, their culture and tradition.

Here, we have some recommendations if you are trekking in Nepal with your children:

  • The guesthouses in the trail are basic and the accommodation is on a twin sharing basis hence make sure that your children can cope to stay in those guesthouses.
  • Local culture, tradition, and etiquette should be followed. Make sure that the child is willing to abide by some rules as per necessity.
  • Carry some snacks and refreshment items for your child during the trek as per their taste and preferences.
  • Do not forget to pack the necessary clothing and sanitary items.
  • If any vaccines are required for safety purpose, make sure your child is well vaccinated.
  • Make a short distance itinerary so that your children will not have any problem while walking. They will not feel tired and bored. They can enjoy the short day walk along the adventurous path.
  • Warn them early about the possible incidents that might happen
  • Counsel your children to be careful and obedient during the trek.

Though we have pointed out every careful measure, a trek in Nepal with children is not so difficult. It will be a lovely journey with your children and a responsible guide. Nepal Intrepid Treks has well-trained guides who are experienced with family treks and how to deal with children while traveling. They will take care of every safety measures for a carefree and delightful journey.

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