15th January 2020

Reasons Nepal is the Best for Hiking, Trekking and Peak Climbing

Hiking, trekking and peak climbing may all sound like they are the same thing. However, when you are in Nepal, you will quickly realize that there is a major difference between the three! A hike is normally a one-day thing, although in Nepal, they end up being a few days in length. When you are talking about trekking, you are talking about a week long hike and sometimes longer. Peak climbing is hiking or trekking, as well as a few technical aspects. Those technical aspects include walking on snow and ice, climbing walls and glaciers, and maneuvering through crevasses.
Any of these three things can have you experiencing altitude sickness in this part of the world, since the mountains are all quite high.

Reasons Nepal is the Best for Hiking, Trekking and Peak Climbing

Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hiking in Nepal

If you plan on hiking in Nepal, all you need to do is find a nearby trail and venture out! You can walk for as long as you want before turning around and going back to your starting point. Of course, if you want to have things more planned out, you may want to consider finding and choosing a route that will have you making a loop. This will ensure that you know exactly how far you have gone, and you won’t need to worry about turning around at any point in time.
Doing a little hiking in Nepal will have you falling in love with the views of the great outdoors. You can get some exercise in, while seeing a few incredible sights at the same time.

Reasons Nepal is the Best for Hiking, Trekking and Peak Climbing

Trekking in Nepal

Anyone that loves walking longer distances will find that it is not always easy to accomplish that feat in many parts of the world. The reason for this is the trails are simply not long enough. However, over in Nepal, you can find trails that will have you out in the wilderness for a week or even two weeks or more.
When you choose to do a trekking adventure, you will need to be prepared to walk, climb, and even camp multiple days and nights in a row. It will depend on where you want to trek in Nepal to determine the length of time you will be out there.
When you decide to trek in Nepal, it is best to do it with a guide who is very familiar with the area. In fact, it is considered illegal to trek along some trails without a guide in Nepal! Therefore, for safety reasons, and convenience, you should always consider hiring a guide. The guides will assist you in determining what you need for the trek, as well as arrange for a porter to take most of your equipment to the next stop on the route.
A few of the best trekking trails in Nepal include the Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna circuit, the Manaslu Circuit Trek, the Gokyo Lake Trek, and the Annapurna Base Camp Trek.

Reasons Nepal is the Best for Hiking, Trekking and Peak Climbing

Lal Gurung

Peak Climbing in Nepal

You must be mentally and physically prepared before venturing out to do any type of peak climbing in Nepal. The amount of snow and ice you must deal with during the climb will be dependent on the time of the year you are visiting.
There are currently more than thirty different peaks that you can climb in Nepal and more are being planned for use in the future. Most of these peaks are under seven thousand meters in height and they do not require any rope or crampon experience. While no experience is necessary, and instructions will be given to you along the way, it is still helpful to know a few things prior to your arrival.
It is also important to note that you will need a permit before you can go out to do any peak climbing in Nepal. You must apply for these permits weeks in advance and go through a rigorous interview process before receiving approval.
A few of the best peak climbing adventures in Nepal include Ramdung, Mera Peak, Lobuche East, Island Peak climbing, Yala Peak, and Kyazo Ri. Yala Peak is considered the easiest of them all, so if you are just starting out on this adventurous journey, you may want to consider beginning your peak climbing there.
The expansive number of mountains in Nepal makes it the ideal place for hiking, trekking, and peak climbing. If you have always wanted to try any of these three things, Nepal is probably the best place in the world to do it. The reason for this is that you have so many more options there than anywhere else, which means you can have the experience you desire as you are just starting out.
Hiking, trekking, and peak climbing in Nepal is never going to be easy, but the challenge will be something that you fall in love with once you have successfully conquered one of the available trails over there!


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