6th February 2020

Quick Guide to Trekking in Nepal

Mountains are everywhere in Nepal and when you take the time to climb to the summits of them, you will be rewarded with incredibly breathtaking views. While you may think that you can just start to hike up one of these mountains on your own, let us be the first to tell you that there is so much more that you need to know before you start your trek. Here are some quick guide to trekking in Nepal as whole world is aware of the Nepalese people and the best place for trekking.

Packing for Your Trekking Adventure in Nepal

You should never carry a heavy bag with you when you are trekking in Nepal, because you need to take it with you everywhere that you go. Therefore, you must pack wisely if you want to be prepared for the change in weather that you will experience when you are out on the trails.
We recommend packing synthetic materials instead of cotton, because they dry much faster. Thermal underwear should be your first layer followed by long sleeved shirts and pants. Warm socks should be used inside your shoes, but make sure those shoes have been worn multiple times to prevent the pain that occurs when wearing a brand-new pair.
A few other items that you may want to consider tucking into your bag are sunscreen, sunglasses, insect repellent, gloves, toiletries, and emergency medical supplies.

Quick Guide to Trekking in Nepal

Mera Peak

Prepare for Altitude Sickness

Many mountains in Nepal are higher than twenty-five hundred meters and it is at that height that you will experience altitude sickness. When you have altitude sickness, you may have trouble breathing. You can also have a headache, feel really tired, have a little nausea and vomiting .
While medication like dexamethasone can help with these symptoms, you will feel much better if you do not experience them at all. One tip we recommend for avoiding altitude sickness is going slow, so you have time to acclimate yourself to the new altitudes you are reaching.

Best Time to Go Trekking in Nepal

Technically, you can go trekking in Nepal at any time of the year. However, the months of October and November offer slightly cooler temperatures and less risk of rain since monsoon season is finally over. The best part about trekking at this time of the year is the clouds are barely around the mountains, so you will enjoy views from anywhere on the trail.
If you cannot visit Nepal at that time, you may want to consider doing your trek between the months of March and April. This is early spring in Nepal and it is dry with very little chance of rain. Plus, the flowers are starting to pop up and bloom then.
Of course, the trek that you choose to do while in Nepal may have you visiting at a different time. The reason for this is there seems to be better times than others to tackle every trek that is available in this part of the world.

Choose a Guided Trek

There are some treks in Nepal that you must hire a guide for, or you will not be allowed on the trail. While you can do other treks without a guide, we normally recommend hiring one since they know the landscape and can share lots of knowledge with you along the way so Nepal Intrepid Treks is the best company to choose quick guide to trekking in Nepal .

Quick Guide to Trekking in Nepal

Mardi Himal Treks

Best Treks to Consider in Nepal

The Everest Base Camp Trek

Everyone has heard about Mount Everest, which is why you might be thinking that there is no way you can trek to the top of this monstrous mountain. However, we are referring to the Everest Base Camp, which is much lower than the summit, for this trek.
This is still an intense hike, and it will take you two weeks to do from start to finish. The best time to tackle this trek is between March and May and then again between September and November. You will begin your trek in Lukla and continue on to the Namche Bazaar and the Khumbu Valley.

The Annapurna Base Camp Trek

This is considered one of the best high-altitude treks in the world and it will take you between one and two weeks to accomplish. Your journey will begin in Nayapul and the route you take will determine the length of time you will be out on the trail.
It is possible to do this trek at any time of the year, because this region is in what is considered the rain shadow region. If you are venturing out on your first trek in Nepal, you may want to consider taking the Nayapul-Ghorepani route, as it is less intense than the other option that is available for this trek.
This quick guide should get you started with trekking in Nepal quite easily, because you now know what to pack, what to do and avoid, and which treks are considered the best of the best. That means that you are more than ready to tackle any of the treks in Nepal right away, so break in those new trekking shoes and make plans to visit Nepal 2020 very soon.


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