8th September 2019

Quick Guide To Travelling In Nepal Alone

Explore The True Meaning Of Beauty

Nepal, a small yet ravishing country that tells its tales of enchantment. People mostly visit this flavorful territory to explore themselves, to cleanse their inner aura and most of all, to revitalize their cognitive thinking. Travelling In Nepal alone is the hottest location for travelers,  since it is the land that harbors deep spirituality, and the peaceful mountains are the ideal place for meditation . That is the reasons for quick guide to travelling in Nepal alone. 

It is generally safe for both men and women, but care needs to be ensured when interacting with local people. It is really good to do some research beforehand and get to know about the culture because after all, it only creates a good impression and will automatically incline the locals to offer genuine help. Equip yourself with items that would aid in your journey because a trip to Nepal never disappoints. 

Travelling In Nepal Alone

Canyoning in Nepal

1) Going From A To B Can Be Daunting

The road goes between the rugged terrain, and when traveling, it can prove to be quite a challenge. Journeying through these particular roads is not everyone’s cup of tea. The Prithvi highway stretching from Kathmandu to Pokhara is known for steep roads and cliffs. The locals are not bothered by the layout of these roads, but visitors who have a hard time mustering courage to set their feet on these roads can also travel by internal flights. 

2) Immerse In Exciting Activities

Traveling alone can often get boring, and one may require a companion to share his/her experiences with. Fortunately, visitors can sign themselves in group activities, adventure activities where they can feel like a part of a system. Nepal offers breathless activities in yoga, pottery, sound bowl and beyond. 

3) Get To Know The Culture

Tourists are often criticized for the lack of proper interaction with the locals as they are not aware of the traditions on how to meet and greet. In this scenario, Nepal is a region where religion has more priority, and one must abide by the rules to avoid unnecessary heated arguments. We are familiar with the famous saying, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” 

travelling in Nepal

Cultural Mountains

4) Daylight Is Everything

Use the daylight to your advantage and navigate through the streets, find the restaurant you like, short treks in Nepal, play in the park, explore the markets,  and so on. All of these things can only be achieved when there’s light as there is no point in exploring at night.

 5) Broaden Your Horizons

Get out of your comfort zone and see the Nepalese version of an astounding trip. Talk to people, set your precedence, be open to various cultures, and most of all, have a genuine curiosity and desire to know Nepal. 

Rice padding by Nepalese women

A Happy Ending After All

Exploring the rich and diversified country, one can truly say that they have been on a true odyssey. Visiting quick guide to travelling in Nepal alone is one of those experiences that gives a jolt to the soul in a good way. Make sure that you truly absorb Nepal as a being and incorporate its teachings as you go further in life. Be true to it, and it will gladly assist you differently. 

quick guide to travelling in Nepal alone

trekking in Nepal





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