2nd December 2019

New Year and Christmas holiday in Nepal

It’s about a time when you start planning your New Year and Christmas holiday in Nepal, and it should be in the most surreal place. Also Nepal is welcoming guests with visit Nepal 2020 for upcoming year. Some people visit their relatives while some go on traveling. 

Why is Nepal the most suitable place for your holiday?

Nepal is the most cheerful and happy place to visit during Christmas and New Year. December and January are the two best months to visit as its winter season, which is somehow perfect for hiking, short trekking, cultural tours, and safari tours. 

Nepal provides a number of opportunities to enjoy your holiday. There are varieties of options to spend your Christmas and New Year in the best way. You can even contact a travel agent who will set your schedule and show you all around Nepal within your required time. 

Nepal is actually known as one of the most festive places in South Asia. It is an absolutely perfect place to see clear sky and sunny days. You can watch the most exciting sunrise from the Himalayas on the very first day of the New Year. The Himalayas have very fresh and clear air.

What to do in Nepal?

Nepal is a place full of adventures. It gets more exciting during the time when Christmas and New Year starts. There are many opportunities in Nepal, like there are tourist hubs everywhere where they sing live music, which is quite entertaining. 

You can always go for adventurous walks and explore jungle safari, rafting, paragliding, and a day hiking. You can witness a lot of street festivals and gala dinners in places like Pokhara and Thamel. 

Kathmandu City Day Tour

Many people are interested in history and like to visit museums to explore more about the city. Kathmandu is a city in Nepal; it is actually a museum, open for all. It is quite famous as Kathmandu Durbar square. There are few temples of the Malla Dynasty who was known as a living Goddess. It is one of the adventurous places to visit while on a Christmas holiday. 

Nagarkot Sunrise Day Tour 

If you are a dreamer, then this might be the best tour for you. Nagarkot is probably the most famous hill station which is 1800 km above sea level. When the weather is clear, you can see the most spectacular and captivating sun rise from the hilltop. This tour also gives information about village culture and lifestyle of the people living around the valley. 

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

This base camp trek might always stay in your memory because of its views. Annapurna Base Camp Trek starts from Kathmandu valley and then heads towards Pokhara. You get to experience different things like oak and bamboo forests throughout the tour. 

New Year and Christmas holiday in Nepal

Annapurna Base Camp

It offers an excellent view from the top, which might last forever in your memories. It is a good way to planning your New Year and Christmas holiday in Nepal.

Nepal is a place worth visiting in Christmas and New Year is the best time to visit. Here is a list of things you can do in Nepal to make your holiday more exciting. Have fun!




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