28th February 2021

Mount Everest, the World’s highest mountain

Mount Everest, The world’s heighest mountain

Mount Everest

Mount Everest

The world’s highest mountain i.e. the mighty Mount Everest lies in the lap of the beautiful Himalayan country – Nepal. Nepal holds the pride of having eight out of ten highest mountains in the world. Apart from this, Nepal has many other mountains that rise to the height of six thousands and above. Owning to the varieties of mountains that this land possess, Nepal is often regarded as the country of mountains. It is taken as the synonym for the country with world’s highest mountain.

Nepal – the country with world’s highest mountain is a dreamland for any enthusiastic traveler and mountain lover. Who on the earth wouldn’t want to embark their way to the top of the world? A visit to Nepal and a trek to Everest Base Camp will take you to the base camp of Mount Everest which is indeed a trophy for lifetime.

History on World’s Highest Mountain (Mount Everest 8848.86M)

Mount Everest

Mount Everest Base Camp

Many people have set records by climbing up to the mighty Mount Everest till now. While some have achieved the glory of reaching the heights of the world’s highest mountain; some have lost their live while making their way up to the base camp. Sometimes, the harsh weather, climate and thinness in air might cause a huge problem leading to deaths of enthusiastic climbers. The first climbers who pioneered the climb up to the summit of Mount Everest were Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hilary.

Tenzing Norgay was a Nepali citizen while Edmund Hilary was a national from New Zealand. They conquered the top of the mountain on May 29, 1953. To commemorate this success, Everest Marathon is held annually on May 29.

The practice of this marathon was first started by Jan Turner and Tony Hunt in 1985. The marathon starts from the Everest Base Camp below the Khumbu ice fall and finishes in Namche Bazaar, the buzzling town in this specific region of Nepal. Each year many people around the globe participate in this marathon journey to make it a huge success.

Nepal- the country with World’s highest mountain is also popular as the Sherpa land. But it doesn’t mean that the entire country is resided by Sherpa people. Sherpa are the original tribe of people who live in mountainous area. The mountain region of Nepal is dominantly resided by Sherpa people hence as Nepal is popular as the country with world’s highest mountain, the place also popular as the Sherpa Land. The Sherpa people are considered as very helpful, hostile and pleasing people.

Mount Everest

View of Mount Everest

Encounter any travel enthusiast and ask them about one destination that intimidates them the most. There’s a decent chance that he/she will bring up Mount Everest or the trek that leads up to the highest altitude of the world. We have collected 15 Interesting facts about Mount Everest for your future trip to Mount Everest.

Mount Everest

Mount Everest

“There are two kinds of climbers, those who climb because their heart sings when they’re in the mountains, and all the rest.”

  1. Due to geological lift, a recent study states that Mount Everest’s elevation rises by 4 mm each year. However, don’t fret about it. You won’t be able to tell much of a difference once you start trekking.
  2. One in every ten summit ends in death. This surprising ratio of 1:10 is quite daunting and discouraging for people just starting.It’s recorded that about 307 people have died in total Since 1922. However, that number might be a bit off due to a few unofficial and undocumented trips and treks.
  3. Mount Everest is named after George Everest, Surveyor General of India from 1830 to 1843 when he discovered the peak in 1841.
  4. The first summit to Mount Everest was completed on May 19, 1953. Sir Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgay did it.
  5. As of yet, the youngest successful summit was done by a 13-year-old. On the opposite end, the oldest individual to climb the mountain was 80-year-old Yuichiro Miura.
  6. Each location has about two names; one for the whole world, and one for the natives. In Nepal, Mount Everest is known as ‘Sagarmatha,’ which means ‘Forehead of the Sky’ the best trek in Nepal.
  7. Similarly, Mount Everest has quite an interesting name in Tibet. It is called ‘Chomolungma,’ which means ‘Mother of the Universe.’
  8. 1974 is commonly referred to as the Maiden year. The reason for that is quite exciting and is of particular interest to mountaineers and trekkers. It was the year no one tried to climb Mount Everest!
  9. The leading cause of death for the majority of climbers is death by an avalanche. The rapid flow of snow and rock leads people embedded in its depth.
    Mount Everest

    Everest Base Camp

  10. There has been one documented wedding at the summit of Mount Everest. The couple kept their plans a secret due to there being no guarantee to reach the top. Fortunately for them, the immediate vicinity was calm for a while, and they got the ritual done in less than 10 minutes.
  11. The speed of the wind on top of Everest has been documented to be around 200 miles per hour.
  12. As of yet, there is only one individual who has been able to climb Mount Everest from all four sides. This credit goes to Kushang Sherpa, a local instructor, and expert.
  13. The Fun facts about Mount Everest is that it is the home of Himalayan jumping spiders, a rare species found only in that locality  it is a small jumping spider that lives at elevations of up to 6,700 m in the Himalayas, including Mount Everest, making it a candidate for the highest known permanent resident on Earth.
  14. On the way up, there are about 200 dead bodies. They often indicate the right path for fellow trekkers but aren’t removed due to the difficulty descend.
  15. There are two main climbing routes, one approaching the summit from the southeast in Nepal (known as the “standard route”) and the other from the north in Tibet.
Mount Eerest

Everest View Hotel

Hope you loved these crazy Interesting facts about Mount Everest. Leave your comments about your own experience to Mt. Everest.

If you want to embark your journey to the world’s highest mountain, then catch a flight to Lukla from Kathmandu airport. From Lukla, take a path that descends down to Dudhkoshi river and slowly ascends up to Phakding, Monjo and Namche. As you march forward, you enter Sagarmatha national park and embark your journey forward to the Tengboche, Dingboche, Gorekshep to Everest Base Camp. If you intend to climb up to the summit, you will have to join the expedition team to the summit of Mount Everest.

In this region, you have many options for trekking, peak climbing and expedition.Everest Base Camp Trek, Everest Gokyo Lake Trek, Everest High Passes Trek, Everest Panorama Trek, etc are some trekking options for trekking in this region. Similarly, Island peak climbing, Mera peak climbing, Lobuche peak climbing, etc are some peak climbing options in this region. Likewise, Mt. Ama Dablam expedition, Mount Everest expedition, Mt. Lhotse expedition, etc are some of the expedition options in Everest region of Nepal.

So, are you ready to accomplish any one of the journeys to Everest region in Nepal- the country with World’s highest mountain?

Welcome to Nepal and Namaste!


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