17th November 2019

Mount Everest trekking areas in Nepal

All the passionate mountaineers head towards nothing but the great big Mount Everest trekking areas in Nepal as soon as they get the chance. And thus, the natives have made it into a really well-developed trekking region. The lodges that surround these trekking areas are excellent. Moreover, you will not have to pack any camping equipment with you; everything will be provided to you. This is called independent hiking at its best.

However, most of these trekking areas go up to at least 5,000 meters in height. And many travelers face travel sickness, so do not hurry along, take all the time that your body needs to enjoy these routes.

1. Everest Base Camp Trek

This is the most popular site in Nepal, and there are many solid reasons for that. in just a span of 2 weeks, you will find yourself passing Buddhist monasteries, through green foothills and stone-walled villages, and then right into the core of the mountain. 

The facilities offered by this Everest base camp trek are the best. You will have anything that you require for a luxury vacation, like heated rooms, good food, hot showers, and WiFi. There is one downside, though. You will never travel alone on this site, and the locals can become overwhelmed when they see a bunch of foreigners walk by. So if privacy is a major concern for you, don’t go for this route.

Everest Region Trek

Everest Region Trek

2. Gokyo Lakes Trek

Gokyo lakes trek will offer you scenery that is as good as the first one, but you will get a lesser amount of crowd here. But there will be more altitude with this one. So you would have to rest up more here. You will have to go quite slow. But the places you will experience are as good as anything else.

But the best part about this one and something that sets this trek apart from the others is the series of glacial blue lakes that you go to when you reach way high up.

3. Three Passes Trek

If you are an on-your-toes kind of person, and if you have the strength and stamina, then this is the most exciting trek that you can venture on. This can be considered the best track in Nepal if you want to go hard-mode. 

According to the nature of this one, you will have to pack many things with you, like ropes, ice axes, as well as a guide and a porter. You should also keep camping equipment with you in case you get stuck, and you would have to camp somewhere for the night.

4. Number Cheese Circuit Trek

This is a newly developed track. You will need to exhibit strength to overcome this one, but as it is new, you will be receiving a warm welcome from the villagers. 

You will also be able to view abundant wildlife like red pandas, birds, musk deer etc. the accommodation is extremely affordable, and their standard is average,

So this is the Mount Everest trekking areas in Nepal track that you should prefer if you are low on a budget but would want to explore as much as you can in your limited budget plan.  



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