18th June 2018

Kathmandu the capital city of Nepal

Kathmandu – the capital city of Nepal

kathmandu the capital city of Nepal in an intoxicating place to visit too. The busiest place of Nepal and one of the most populated places in Nepal, Kathmandu city is a lively place where you can experience the cultural and artistic glories of Nepal at once. Kathmandu – the capital city of Nepal is adorned with ancient palaces, temples, art, and architecture in abundance. Wherever you go, you will find temples of Gods and goddess in every corner of the city, therefore, the city is also regarded as the city of temples. Kathmandu city is culturally and artistically very rich. The list of UNESCO listed world heritage sites in Nepal is evidence of the fact. Seven out of ten UNESCO listed heritage sites in Nepal lies in Kathmandu. This fact makes Kathmandu – the capital city of Nepal, one of the must-visit places in Nepal. As the international airport of Nepal lies in Kathmandu, any tour or trek that you opt for in Nepal starts from Kathmandu itself. Hence, the first thing that you should do before opting out for any tour or trek is a sightseeing tour in the Kathmandu valley. The sightseeing tour in the Kathmandu valley consists of a visit to Kathmandu Durbar Square, Swayambhunath stupa, Pashupatinath temple, and Boudhanath stupa.

Some of the features of Kathmandu – the capital city of Nepal are as follows:

1.The capital city of Nepal
Kathmandu city is the capital city of Kathmandu which makes it one of the most populated places in Nepal. Here, you can explore the people and their busy lives. The crowded path, traffic, hustle and bustle of people, different kinds of people, shops, shopping malls, narrow streets, chaotic roadside stalls, etc are some of the interesting aspects of Kathmandu city. From old houses to tall and brand business complexes, shops, banks, hotels, lodges, public transport, taxis; you can find everything in this city.

2.Places of historical importance
Kathmandu is a city that treasures some valuable memories of the ancient history. Kathmandu city before the unification of the country was a separate country and was reign by Malla kings. Malla kings had very fine taste when it comes to art and architecture. They had built luxurious and magnificent palaces full of wooden, metal and stone carvings. The art and architecture on the walls, pillars, and palaces are very alluring and can still be seen in the UNESCO listed world heritage sites in Kathmandu. The Kathmandu Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, and Patan Durbar Square are the living examples of historical glories of Nepal.

3.Culturally and Artistically very rich
Kathmandu city is culturally and artistically very rich. We can see the dominance of Hindu and Buddhist culture that is prevalent in Nepal. The temples and stupas built around the Kathmandu city reflect the Buddhist and Hindu culture that is mostly followed by people living in Nepal. You can see many Hindu temples around the durbar square and different corners of Kathmandu city. The most cherished Hindu temple – Pashupatinath temple is a treasure of Nepal. Each year many Hindu pilgrims around the world visit Nepal just to visit this temple. Besides, you can also see many stupas and monasteries around the Kathmandu valley. Swayambhunath stupa, Boudhanath stupa, Kapan gumba, white gumba, red gumba, etc are some examples. Besides, you can also see Thanka paintings, handicrafts, wooden and metal crafts around the city of Kathmandu which reflects the artistic hands of people in Nepal.

4.Shopping malls
Kathmandu – the capital city of Kathmandu can also be an ideal place for shopping. You can see many shopping malls in Kathmandu where you can find everything that you need. From garments, clothes, grocery, cosmetic products to any other gifts, paintings, craftworks, you can find everything in the shopping complexes and shops in the Kathmandu city.

5.Thamel area
Thamel area is an alluring place to beat. The narrow streets full of colorful shops of handicrafts and others is an ideal place o walk around Kathmandu. There are different pubs, hotels, and restaurants in Thamel area where you can spend some quality time enjoying the delightful environment around. The area has been recognized as no vehicle zone, therefore, you can walk comfortably around the area relishing the vibrancy of the place. If you have a real taste for shopping, it can be a good place for shopping as well.

Last but not the least, peoples in Kathmandu valley is an exciting feature of Kathmandu city. Being the capital city, people from around Nepal are centralized here. Some people come here for an education, some for work and some are the local residents. They have their own traits and lifestyle. So, exploring people, their behavior and their lifestyle can be one of the fascinating aspects of Kathmandu city. As the city is overcrowded, we can find people busy with their own daily chores. You can find some doing their business, some doing their job, their battle to catch a bus or micro, their hastiness to buy vegetables and other daily need products, traffic jams, people stressed, happy, doing nothing, etc.

The aforementioned are some of the basic features of Kathmandu – the capital city of Nepal. These features make Kathmandu, one of the interesting and must visit cities in Nepal.


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