23rd July 2019

How much does Everest Base Camp Trek cost?

Everest Base Camp treks usually take 13-15 days and cost around $1400 to $1700. Here’s full cost and comfort guide about how much do Everest base camp trek costs, We would be giving you a rough estimate of some major highlights breakdown of costs, routes, important things, rest areas and tea houses including your breakfast, lunch, dinner and maybe even some extra coffee!!

Organized Trek 

If you are looking for an organized trekking tour, you should start firstly with perfect timing and guides; there are reputable international companies that give great guides for treks. When looking for a company guides for best trekking in Nepal, I think reviews play a very important role in this, always prefer guides having more than 1500 good reviews.

If you are traveling through crowded places, I believe it’s important to take paths that are quiet for some mesmerizing views and calmness.

Trek Independent cost

We would love to give you exact cost but here’s a rough sketch of treks independent cost.

  •     Food $30-$40 (Per Day per person)
  •     Water $5-$10 (Per Day per person)
  •     Accommodation $5-$10 (Per Day per person)
  •     Snacks  $3-$10 (Per Day per person)
  •     Miscellaneous $5 (Per Day per person)
  •     Permits $ 50 (Per Day)

If you take $40 per day, you should have enough money, for everything

Miscellaneous Expenses On the trek

Always make sure you have some extra cash for some unexpected, surprising times because it’s always better safe than sorry.

You should always keep $100 in your pocket for the miscellaneous expenses for the whole tour of 15 days.

Giving tips and complimentary money is also a form of miscellaneous expenses.

Best Before/ After hotel for the trek 

If you are searching for comfort and luxury, there are many options for hotels for you, here are some options.

Hotel Buddha 

It’s a super-clean hotel, close to the airport, with a clean environment and friendly staff having all the modern facilities like satellite and WiFi costs $40-$50 for a double room. It also has extra facilities, like luggage storage and visa printing. If you need more luxury, you can go for the 4-star Babar Mahal Villas in Kathmandu which costs a bit more.

The Sparkling Turtle Backpackers Hotel

This should well if you are on a budget as it costs only about $5 for a dormitory bed and $10-$15 for a double room. It has featured a clean environment with friendly staff but lacks luxury.

Hotel Everest View

Also situated close to the airport. It has all the luxury facilities available. It has one of the best views in all the hotels but costs significantly more than the former ones making the trip much more costly.

Trekking Insurance

Strictly speaking, there is a lot which can go wrong when trekking in such remote locations; that is why you should have your trekking experience insured. It can be done online and takes only a few minutes of your time. However, choosing the right policy is very important in this case. Insurances usually cover injury, evacuation, gear loss, trip cancellation, and trip delays. 

One problem to keep in mind here that usual travel insurances offer services up to 3000m while on Everest base camp trek you go up to 5500m or sometimes even 6000m so while getting a quote you need to make sure it covers you up to 6000m. Lastly, travel insurances depend upon the country where you are traveling from, so the pricing here is diverse.


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