19th May 2019

5 Best Short Hikes in Nepal

Welcome to my list of 5 Best short hikes in Nepal.

Hiking is something that brings refreshment into the monotonous living for many travelers. I too love to go for hikes every now and then, whenever possible. Hiking in Nepal is always a good idea. You’ll never run out of ideas for a short hike in Nepal. I can suggest you plenty of short hiking trails in Nepal. I could just go on and on but here are some of my best short hikes in Nepal you’d not want to miss while in your short visit to Nepal.

“Hiking is the best workout! You can hike for three hours and not even realize you’re working out. And, hiking alone lets me have some time to myself.
-Jamie Luner”

The list of the best short hiking trails in Nepal goes this way:

1. Chandragiri Hill Hiking

Chandragiri is a touristic location near Kathmandu that has been opened recently. If you are on a short visit and planning to cover more in less time, then Chandragiri Hill Hiking in Nepal is definitely for you! After seven hours of day hike to Chandragiri hill, you’d be rewarded with the beautiful views of mountains like Mt. Everest, Mt. Manaslu, Langtang Range, Ganesh Himal, and Gaurishankar Himal.

This short hike gets you lost into the serenity of green hills and mountains. This trail also has some special herbs beyond the bushes and some rare birds along the journey.
The 6 days Chandragiri Hill Hiking starts from Thankot and ends in Hattiban Resort. This hike would have a maximum altitude of 220 meters with stunning views of mountains and lush forests. If you are interested for this hike, let us know.

2. Sarangkot Hiking

Sarangkot is the famous viewpoint that blesses you with breathtakingly beautiful views of sunrise and sunset along with the views of mountains in Annapurna massif. No wonder, its dramatic location attracts thousands of tourists every year. Sarangot Hiking is a day hiking journey that doesn’t only offer you a magnificent view but also leads you to a beautiful village just above Pokhara city.

The mesmerizing rays of sun rising above the snow-capped mountains and bidding goodbye beyond the beautiful hills is all kind of beauty one could ask for. Besides, the countryside vibes and the positive aura of the place would surely rejuvenate you with positive energies. Also, if you are an adventure lover, Sarangot Hiking in Nepal is for you since it is the starting point to many adventure sports like ultralight flight, zip flyer, paragliding, etc.If you are a real adventure seeker and are interested in any one of the adventure activities mentioned, you can experiment it on your own. The maximum altitude of this hike would be 1600 meters.

This 7 days day hike is all you need to take an easy escape from all the chaos. So, pack your bags and get set for the adventurous day hike to Sarangkot with Nepal Intrepid Treks!

3. Kathmandu Valley and Nagarkot Hike

Taste the cultural richness and natural lavishness of Kathmandu valley and Nagarkot with Kathmandu valley and Nagarkot Hike! In this hike, you would enjoy a sightseeing tour of the UNESCO listed heritage sites in Kathmandu and the wonderful panoramic views of mountains in Nagarkot. How soothing it would be to wake up to a stunning view of mountains right in your window pane in a luxurious hotel! This hike is certainly the best combination if you are looking for the best short hikes in Nepal.

This four days package would lead you to a maximum elevation of 2200 meters. The art and architecture embedded in the cultural sites of the chaotic city of Kathmandu is an interesting aspect of this package. The pleasing views of sunrise and sunset from Nagarkot are the major highlights of the journey. Are you ready to take on a journey from the chaos to the wonders, all with Nepal Intrepid Treks?

5. Nepal Experience Tour

Are you interested to explore the beauty of Nepal in a short time? Nepal Experience Tour is the last on our short hikes list.

This 10 days tour lets you experience each and every aspect of Nepal in one short tour. It is an opportunity to visit all the UNESCO Listed heritage sites and the most preferred tourist destination- Pokhara. From the rich architectures of ancient temples, museums and Durbar Squares to the never sleeping city- Pokhara, Nepal Intrepid Trek ensures to make your trip the best one. Bhaktapur, Nagarkot, Chitwan National Park, and Lumbini would be the tourist stops to the journey that shall end in Pokhara.

Are you ready to feel the majestic beauty of ancient architectures, the enlightening aura of religious sites, countryside vibes of Pokhara and the adventurous ride along with the national parks, let Nepal Intrepid Treks guide you through it all!

5 Best Short Hikes in Nepal

Pokhara Lake side

Why Us?
Nepal Intrepid Treks and Expedition offers you some of the best short hikes in Nepal led by experienced and professional trekking guides. Along with the guaranteed departure, we ensure you a quality service at a reasonable price. Also, if you are looking for a customized itinerary, we shall do that for you.
We customize our itineraries as per your need, preference, budget and time constraint. What sets us apart from other travel companies is our team of experienced local trekking guides who would make sure the trek becomes your lifetime memory.

How many of these short hikes have you tried? Let us know your experience in the comment section below!


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