16th November 2018

Australian Climbers killed by the rock fall in the Amadablam

One of the Australian climber was killed by the huge rock fall from the high camp of Mt. Amadablam. From the rock fall climbing route also damaged according to the expedition organiser.

Thirty three year old Michael Geoffrey Davis from  Australia fell to hi death body above the Camp II on the Amadablam after a huge rock damaged the climbing ropes that the climbers were using for descending from the 6812 metre yesterday.

According to the Tshering Pande Bhote the incident occurred when 15 climbers including high altitude guides were descending from Camp III following a strong wind.  From the big wind the rock fell down and damaged his ropes when he was descending. Others members of the expedition were, however safe that he informed to us.

An aerial rescue operation was conducted immediately after the incident. His death body has already been airlifted to Kathmandu for postmortem. He said, the family members will be arriving here to receive the climber’s body in a day or two.

High altitude Sherpas have also re-fixed the ropes on the route which was damaged by the rock fall in the Amadblam, the expedition organiser said.  

Source: The Himalayan Times 


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