18th February 2020

A Few Things You Must Know Before You Plan Any Trek in Nepal

Trekking through the mountains in Nepal is much trickier than hiking a mountain in many other parts of the world. Nepal is known for treacherous weather, dangerous trails, and high summits like Mount Everest, Annapurna Base Camp ,Everest base camp trekking or best Short treks in Nepal, that require you to get acclimated to the higher altitudes before continuing to climb even higher. Here are a Few Things You Must Know Before You Plan Any Trek in Nepal.
We are not sharing this to scare you. Instead, we are giving you this information so you can be prepared to succeed when you decide to trek in Nepal. After all, you are going to feel much better if you are successful with your experience instead of failing before you even get started!

Always Use a Local Guide

You may think that since you hike a lot back home, you can easily figure out the trails in Nepal. Well, this couldn’t be further from the truth, which is one of the reasons why we recommend that you use a local guide every time you go trekking. When you hire a local guide, you will have their expertise out on the trails, and sometimes a porter to carry most of your belongings. The porter will also set up camp for you, which will be welcomed after a long day of walking and climbing.
You should also know that you will need to arrange for a permit for most of the treks in Nepal and this must be done before you head out on the trails.

A Few Things You Must Know Before You Plan Any Trek in Nepal

Annapurna Base Camp

Choose What You Pack Wisely

You may think that since you are going to be trekking when the weather is supposed to be nice in Nepal that you can easily pack shorts and t-shirts. However, the weather in Nepal can change in an instant, so you should be prepared for warmth, cold, rain, and snow. We recommend packing items that can work for multiple weather conditions, like a pair of pants that zip off into shorts, as it will save a little weight in your bag.
Also, make sure you pack your own first aid kit, necessary medications, a headlamp with extra batteries and bulbs, antibiotics, and toilet paper. You will not be able to find those things when you are out on your trek. Another item to consider bringing with you is a solar charger, especially if you plan on taking a lot of pictures or listening to music on your Gadgets at night.

Always Wear Trekking Shoes that are Worn In

You should never pack a brand-new pair of trekking shoes to trek in Nepal, because your feet will start hurting immediately. If you plan on wearing a pair of trekking shoes that you purchase especially for this adventure, you must break them in at home first. This will require wearing them for hikes for a month or two in order to make sure that they will work well for your trek.

Always Plan a Contingency Day or Two Prior to Your Trek

While airplanes are normally on schedule, you should plan for a contingency day or two and arrive in Nepal early. This will ensure that you are there in plenty of time for your trek instead of being stuck in some other city and cannot join your tour group. It is also a good idea to book your return trip home for a couple days after your trek, so you do not need to worry if you are out on the trails longer than planned.

A Few Things You Must Know Before You Plan Any Trek in Nepal

Acclimatization in Dingboche

Be Careful Consuming the Water

You will be completely safe consuming bottled water when you are in Nepal, as long as the seal has not been broken before the bottle was given to you. If you need to drink the tap water, it is best to boil it and then filter it prior to consuming. The reason for this is the tap water is contaminated and you will get really sick if you drink it without taking the proper precautions beforehand. You should also be wary of eating any fresh fruits or vegetables that may have been washed off using tap water.

Be Prepared for the Altitude Changes

You are going to be trekking and climbing to really high altitudes. Heights that you have never reached before! Therefore, you are going to want to make sure you are listening to instructions when trekking and doing everything you are told to do in order to avoid altitude sickness if possible.

Forget About Personal Hygiene When Trekking

You may think that you can shower every day when you are trekking in Nepal, but honestly, this will not be an option. First, there are not always working showers at the camps. Second, you are going to want to stay warm later in the day, and in the mornings, and the only way to accomplish that is to stay dressed as much as possible and not get your hair wet. Yes, you will start to stink after a day or two of no showers, but wet wipes can work wonders when needed and after a while, you won’t even notice the odors around you!
These are a few things that you must know before you plan your trek in Nepal. Now that you are aware of these things, you will not have any unrealistic expectations when it comes to trekking in this part of the world.


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