31st May 2018

Which Is The Best Season For Everest Base Camp Trek?

Best seasons for Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp Trek is probably the fetish of an enthusiastic and adventurous travel lover. Being a journey to the highest mountain in the world, Everest Base Camp Trek has a different craze than any other trekking trails in the world. Everest Base Camp Trek is an accomplishment and an achievement that one can behold for a lifetime. And this trophy can be achieved only after a struggle with various obstacles that come by in your trekking journey. The long, undulating and tiring paths, cold temperature, elevation gain, and harsh weather conditions are some of the challenges that you should fight with to accomplish your journey to the base camp. Some of these obstacles are avoidable while some are unavoidable. Amongst the avoidable obstacles, weather conditions can be one. If you do not make a right choice of season for traveling to the Everest Base Camp, then your journey can be hectic and unfruitful.

If you are willing to know more about the seasons that are suitable for traveling to the Everest Base Camp, then we are here to help you!

Peak seasons

Generally, February to May and September to December are considered as the peak or best seasons for Everest Base Camp Trek.

February to May

January to May is the spring season and is considered the best time for Everest Base Camp Trek. The weather is very stable and dry at this point in time. This point of time is perfect for traveling to high altitude regions in Nepal. You will be blessed with the enchanting views of mountains. Even the forests are lush and full of rhododendron blossom. The forests during this time are colorful and give a vivid look. Even the paths are dry and easy for climbing. So, this period of time is ideal for Everest Base Camp Trek purpose. You can see many tents in this season because this is the time for Mt. Everest, Lothse and Nupse climbing. Make your time such an amazing yourself in Nepal.

September to November

September to November is also considered as a right time for Everest Base Camp Trek. The days are clear therefore you will have an awesome view of the mountains. The days and nights can be colder as compared to the spring season however the cold temperature can be compensated with the right choice of clothing for trekking purpose. Nevertheless, the fascinating views of mountains, the undulating paths and a bit of chill weather make Everest Base Camp Trek an incredible journey. You can meet many people all over from the world to make your journey such enjoyable and memorable.

Off Seasons

December to January

December to January is the winter season and the coldest period of time throughout the year. During this period of time, the temperature drops down making trekking to this region quite challenging sometimes. The region is fully covered with thick snow, therefore, an identifying path can be challenging. This time most of the time the weather is very clear if there is no snow in the mountain and you can see such an incredible view of mountains and landscapes. Try to be the part of that.

June to August

June to August is not recommended for Everest Base Camp Trek. This point in time is very clumsy. It is the monsoon season and you will be tired of the rain. Even the paths are wet, moist, sloppy and slippery which makes walking difficult. The forests are full of leeches and even the views are unclear about the patches of clouds in the sky. This point of time is not so recommended for Everest Base Camp Trek. But, still, if you are really interested to make the different experiences we are very pleased to make the trip to Everest Base Camp Trek.


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