6th March 2022

How tourism can improve after COVID-19?

After COVID-19, socialization has become a huge challenge throughout the world. Crowding and gathering of a huge number of people only promote infection. Thus, countries around the globe have adopted isolation and restriction towards socialization as primary measures to control this pandemic. This whole idea of COVID-19 prevention contradicts the possibility of tourism. Nepal’s government has banned international flights from March 22, 2020. Nepal government has resumed on-arrival visas from September 23, 2021. However, the rest of the world is still struggling to resume tourism. So, tourists still struggle to make their visit as per their plan.
Non-pharmaceutical prevention measures like isolation, lockdown, and restricting socialization have proved to be the most effective ways to control the spreading of coronavirus. Although, this method is not reliable for a long time. A human being is a social animal so preventing socialization cannot be the main solution forever.

Instead of avoiding the problem, a permanent solution should be identified for the problem. In the case of tourism after COVID-19, pharmaceutical measures like vaccination can solve COVID once for and all. Wearing face masks and use of sanitizers can avoid contact with the virus during socialization events. Maintaining social distance during gathering events can help prevent the spreading of the virus too. These are the only methods that can make tourism stand on its own feet during this pandemic. Studies have proven that properly vaccinated victims of coronavirus show less serious conditions in comparison to non-vaccinated victims. Human advancement in technology has become the hope for solving this pandemic. However, the anti-vaccine mindset of people has become a huge obstacle in the vaccination process in most first-world countries. Even though vaccination is the only hope to control this pandemic, it should not be forced upon people instead vaccination should be encouraged through the awareness-raising process.
An ideal situation where people are properly vaccinated, everyone wearing face masks, everyone using sanitizers and everyone maintaining 2 meters of distance during socialization can help in the revival of the tourism industry around the world. However, an ideal situation is not always possible. So, awareness should be raised among people about these ideal situations. These conditions should be made mandatory in traveling protocols. This way tourism can improve during this pandemic.


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