7th November 2018

Tihar Festival in Nepal

Tihar festival in Nepal is one of the most awaited festivals of the season. It is truly colorful and vibrant festival where Goddess Laxmi, the deity of wealth and prosperity is worshipped. This festival is celebrated for five days in honor of crow, dog, cow followed by Goddess Laxmi and Lord Yama, the god of death. The animals followed by deities are worshipped in different alternate days of Tihar. The auspicious festival of Tihar is marked by decoration of houses with flowers, lights, rongolis (color works), so as to please Laxmi, the Goddess of wealth and prosperity.
The first day of Tihar is Kaag (Crow) Tihar. On this day, the crow is worshipped. The crow is considered to be the informant of Lord Yama. We can get a glimpse of people worshipping crow and offering food to them on the balcony or terrace of their houses. The second day of Tihar is Kurkur (Dog) Tihar. On this day, dogs are worshipped as they are considered to be the agents of Lord Yama. On this day, dogs are worshipped and delicious foods are offered to them. We can see dogs with garland roaming all over the streets on that day. The third day is Laxmi Puja which is one of the important days of the festival. In the morning, people worship cow as a resemblance of Goddess Laxmi. In the evening, people clean their houses; decorate houses with lights and garlands to welcome Goddess Laxmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity. It is believed that Goddess Laxmi visits earth on this day and walks into the house decorated with dignity and effort. People especially children play fireworks and perform Deusi Bhailo. Deusi Bhailo is a form of musical act that is performed during Laxmi Puja of Tihar. People go from house to house and perform the act. The house owner offer money and other edible foods as an offering for their wonderful acts. In this way, people enjoy the evening of Laxmi Puja.
The fourth day of the festival is Govardhan puja where people worship cow and oxen. In the Newar community, people perform Mah Puja which is a religious ritual dedicated to self. Mah means self and puja means a religious act therefore mah puja is a religious act solely dedicated to oneself. The fifth day of Tihar is Bhai Tika. On this day, sisters offer tika and put tika to their brothers for their long life and safety. On this day, the sisters worship Yama, the god of death for the long and healthy life of their brothers. Besides, these religious rituals, people get together, eat delisious food, sing, dance and enjoy their time to its fullest.

Tihar festival in Nepal is a joyful moment of celebration that falls somewhere during the late autumn. It is a wonderful season for get together and celebration. People enjoy their vacation along with the religious act and relishing celebrations. The fireworks, deusi bhailo act, cards, etc are some of the techniques of celebration. Likewise, praying Goddess Laxmi, Lord Yama and his agents and informant like dogs and crows are the other aspect of this festival. Above all, Tihar is one of the best festivals that is celebrated all over Nepal by people of all age group. From children to youth to adults and old aged people, everyone is super excited about this festival.

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