8th March 2018

Nepal Intrepid Treks Is The Only Option For The Trekking In Nepal

Never thought would one day climb abroad, this Lunar new year decided to make their own arbitrary Nepal – life after fifty wonderful gifts!! ~~ wild Qiao leader – omnipotent squid, lead us a safe journey home successfully complete the dream. Thank you so much Nepal Intrepid Treks & Expedition Pvt.ltd. The team provides the perfect friendly service, guidance and collaboration are young and strong little guy, without your hard work, we can not complete this journey to the Annapurna Base Camp, We enjoy so much with this team and they are really really reliable and trustworthy company in Nepal Deeply grateful ~ ~ tribute. Thank you so much Nepal Intrepid Treks, Lal, Santa, Kamal, and Ramchandra for the wonderful trip.