17th February 2019

Nepal Intrepid Treks is the best company for Trekking in Nepal!!!

Mardi Himal Trek is a very worthwhile route with spectacular views along the way. Our mission has accomplished with very good memories. I am already thinking about more trekking in Nepal with Nepal Intrepid Treks.
Lal the company owner of Nepal Intrepid Treks and our guide for Mardi Himal Trek, he is a very professional guide, walking all the way to the end, with excellent knowledge, friendly, helpful, in order to take care of each member, and from time to time to remind the front assistant wizard to adjust the speed. When going through some of the more dangerous positions, he will walk to the side and watch until everyone is in the past to be at ease and try to ensure the safety of the entire team. our all team member are very satisfy with Nepal Intrepid  Treks for trekking in Nepal. 

On the penultimate day of the journey, when the mountain fell down, it encountered a blizzard and decided to decline after assessing the risk. The snow on the road and the height of half or more of the calf, the direction in front is also difficult to see, but in this bad weather, Lal can still clearly distinguish the direction, and carefully set the route so that we can easily follow us. a little. Except for Lal, the whole team is excellent. The assistant guide has been paying attention to the speed of everyone and caring about our physical condition. They are really perfect team for the Nepal Trekking in the high mountains. In addition, the service content already includes airport transfers, it is highly recommended that you find them when hiking and trekking in Nepal! ! ! !