5th March 2018

Intrepidity! Loyalty! Hospitality!

Yes!!! Intrepidity! Loyalty! Hospitality! My wife and I (a couple trip) could not thank enough to Lal and Ram for arranging one of the best trekking trips Everest Base Camp Trek in our recent years. There are hundreds of trekking companies out there in Kathmandu, we were fortunate enough to have our personal trip arranged by the “Nepal Intrepid Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd.”. Before the trip, they respond emails effectively.

During the trek, our excellent tour Guide Ram, an excellent young man, took care us (two pre-seniors, ha)very well along the trip! The arranged hostels and tea houses were well-equipped and marvelous. We could not believe that Ram indeed carried so many apples and pomegranates, and served it for every our dinner. It was really great experience in our highest land trip and it went very smoothly. The culture night dinner in the city arranged by the director Lal was also fantastic!

My Wife and I enjoyed it so much! We never had like this well organised trip in our life. In addition, many other extra arrangements, quick and fast responds to our emergency medical cares, they did it so experienced and so well! Thank you, Lal and Ram! This trip was really a lifetime experience, lots of memorable pictures, and unbelievable sceneries. After all the hard “walk”, we finally reached EBC, making our dream come true! We are looking forward to having our next trekking Annapurna Base Camp Trek (ABC) with this company! Based on our humble opinion, we would highly recommend the Nepal Intrepid Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd. to all of you, if you are considering to trek in Nepal! Many thanks again! We realized the true meaning of Intrepidity! Loyalty! Hospitality! They are so amazing..