1st September 2017

Best Of The Best Team

I am feeling very great to express all the things after my such wonderful trip to Everest Base Camp. Last year was the most eventful year of my life. I traveled to 7 different countries and Nepal for my last stop. Due to my work I have delayed writing about it until now but I must do it because I must give recognition to the professionalism of the high altitude guides that brought us to Everest Base Camp and how memorable the trekking experience was.

The journey that took place last October 5th through 15th was the first time that I celebrated my birthday at such a high altitude. I was so surprised by the surprise birthday cake that was delivered to the mountain on that day by our guide MR. Lal and his teammates. Their hospitality and service went beyond than what was expected. On top of that, their several emergencies during the trek which they handled swiftly and properly that ensured the safety of all the group members. It showed their professionalism and we felt safe in their care.

Nepal is a place filled with love. While writing this, vivid memories of beautiful scenery, people and experience keep coming back to me. If you ask me whether I would go back again, the answer will always be yes and I would choose the same guides. It was such a wonderful experience. I love Nepal. Thanks, Kamal, Lal and of course Nepal Intrepid Treks and Expedition.