4th March 2019

Awesome Mardi Himal Trek with Nepal Intrepid Treks!

Mardi Himal Trek is a hiking route with a high CP value. It is also a route that has risen in Nepal in recent years. Through the virgin forest at an altitude of more than 2,000 meters, you can enjoy the pure natural and forest bath, and you can also look forward to Annapurna Base Camp (ABC). A number of famous towns along the way, overlooking the occasional famous mountains (Fishtail Peak, Annapurna South Peak, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu), after more than 3,000 meters above sea level, the extension is the Nepalese national flower The azalea bushes can be imagined as the mountains and flowers in April are lined with distant snow-capped mountains. It will be a beautiful sight! Then walked and began to accelerate the respite, not only the altitude is getting higher, the air is getting thinner, and the irritating feeling of walking on the narrow holy line makes the adrenaline surge, but you don’t care about the shortness of breath or exhaustion. The painful footsteps, because the beauty in front of the eyes makes people feel like being in paradise. It is called the hell under the feet and the paradise of the eyes. Although we reached the highest point of 4,200m on the same day, the fog was so dense that we could not appreciate the most magnificent and vast fishtail peaks. Mardi Himal Trek make give me such joyful and unforgettable moments in my life. 

The big scene I saw along the way was enough for me to be amazing. Such a great route, of course, must have the best team leadership, thanks to the Nepal Intrepid Treks and Expedition team led by Mr. Lal, high-quality professional services, plus high-value pleasing, great management, let us enjoy this praise. Awkward journey. On the second day of hiking, it was just the Chinese Lunar New Year. Lal also arranged a hot Nichorian chicken soup dinner, so that we can celebrate the Lunar New Year together with the furnace. On the last day of the hiking trip, we encountered a blizzard. We were quite upset about the lack of experience in the snow, but Lal carefully adjusted the crampons for each of us, and told us not to wear too much. Because the temperature of the snow has not dropped too much, I am afraid that we are too hot to adjust the clothes. Then, the leader took us to the ridge-line of the leeward side to avoid the danger of strong winds, and the snow is lighter and less effortless, so choose a professional and experienced guide to ensure that you are safe and happy. The toll factor of hiking It was really such amazing trek to Mardi Himal Trek with them.. I really recommend the Nepal Intrepid Treks and Expedition team, which will definitely give you a pleasant and safe trip to Nepal. They are really amazing and wonderful team. Thank you all..