Timeless Nepal: Choosing the Perfect Season to Explore

Best time to visit Nepal

Nepal is a beautiful country with lots of options to visit. The climate and weather condition in Nepal varies with the topography and altitude of places in Nepal. Therefore, any season is appropriate for travelling to Nepal. The best time to visit Nepal depends on the type of tour or trek you are opting for. Nepal can be visited throughout the year for tour purpose however for trekking; the best time to visit depends on the type of trekking you are opting for. In general, March to May and September to November are considered as the best time to visit Nepal.

The seasons in Nepal are typically divided into four seasons. You can choose the best time for your trek after analyzing the characteristics of weather in each season. The characteristic features of each season and its suitability for visit to Nepal is explained below:

Spring season (March to May)

March to May is the peak season to visit Nepal. In this season, the temperature is neither too hot nor too cold. The temperature is perfect for a hike, trek or tour. It is suitable to travel to the higher elevation regions and offers clear and picturesque views of mountains. The best part of visiting Nepal in this season is you can see the flower blossom in abundance. Generally, the trekking route is marked by rhododendron forests and if you are visiting those places at this time, you will be blessed with the colorful views of rhododendron forests.

Summer season (June to August)

June to August though summer, this time of year is marked by the monsoon i.e. the weather is hot and wet. Monsoon brings rain which makes the path sloppy and moist all the time. Even the sky in covered with clods and the days are gloomy. The views of mountains and hills are obstructed due to it. Occasional thunderstorm occurs during the evening time. The forest areas are full of leeches which make walking very difficult and unpleasant. However, at this time of year, the environment is lush. We can see greenery all around full of vegetations. If you are visiting for any kind of research work on plants, wildlife then this season can be suitable for you to travel.

Autumn season (September to November)

Autumn i.e. September to November is the best time amongst all the seasons to visit Nepal. At this time of year, the weather is very pleasant. The sky is clear and blue with good visibility. The view of mountains in this season is the best. The air is quite stimulating and the weather is dry. This season arrives just after the monsoon, therefore, is very appropriate for the photographers to take a shot of clear and verdant landscapes. Any kind of trek, hike, expedition or tour is suitable at this time of year in Nepal.

Winter season (December to February)

December to February marks the winter season in Nepal. At this time of year, the temperature drops down and the weather is very cold. The mountainous region of Nepal is covered with thick snow which acts as an obstacle by blocking the trekking routes. Even walking on the thick snow becomes very difficult. This season is not suitable for trekking to higher elevation regions however hike to lower elevation regions and sightseeing tours in Nepal can be a good option if you are travelling to Nepal in this season.

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