22nd August 2022

Rolwaling Trek – a Lifetime Experience

Get ready to add one more item to your lifetime experience list.Challenge yourself with one of the most thrilling treks, the Rolwaling Trekking.This trip is destine to make tons of memories for you to cherish your whole lifetime. Rolwaling Trek, in Nepal’s Gaurishankar Conservation Area (GCA) is a fairly tough teahouse trek between Langtang National Park and Khumbu (Mt. Everest).

Rolwaling is a remote valley on the east-west axis, right below Mt. Gaurishankar (7145 m) and close to the Tibetan border. Sherpas refer to Mt. Gaurishankar as Jomo Tersingma. It has two summits: the northern (upper) peak is known as Shankar (a manifestation of Lord Shiva), while the southern summit is known as Gauri (a manifestation of Shiva’s wife – Parvati).This area is located between the Langtang and Everest ranges.

Rolwaling valley got its name from the Mt. Rolwaling itself.The Rolwaling Valley is appropriately named “The Grave or Furrow” by the Sherpas due to its geology along the Rolwaling Khola, which lays deep under the numerous ice-giants that hang over this unusual east-west valley. Rolwaling is said to be a Beyul, one of only eight holy, secret valleys in the Himalayas that are considered to protect the mountain gods.Because of its remoteness, the Rolwaling Valley Trek receives fewer tourists. It tells the intriguing narrative of a mysterious mythical creature named “Yeti”.

Rolwaling Trekking is one spot that will blow your mind away. Rolwaling trip is one of Nepal’s relatively rarely travelled hiking paths, rewarding trekkers with its peacefulness, stunning peak vistas, prosperous local cultures, and diverse plants and animals.This trekking route is a natural treasure that will leave trekkers craving for more. The location is located at an elevation of 5,755m and is densely forested, therefore ascents are steep.

Is this trek hard?

Yes, this trekking route is comparatively hard than other routes. The Rolwaling valley trip is difficult due to the high mountain technical crossings and crossing of the Tashi Lapcha pass (5,750 m). At high elevations, the rope must be fixed in multiple locations to cross narrow rocky routes and snow crevasse, avalanche, and rock fall portions.

The effort and difficulties, however, are continuously rewarded with excursions to remote settlements, the beauty of the ever-present mountains, and hikes through dense Rhododendron woods. Famous quote saying “It’s not the Destination, It’s the journey”definitely suits this trek. There is no doubt that every seconds of your hard-work will be rewarded handsomely during this trek.

Experiences in Rolwaling Trek

This tough Rolwaling trek is going to make it to the list of your lifetime experiences. There is no greater pleasure than in completing a difficult task and feeling confident in yourself.For your hard-work and endurance, this journey will take you through Sherpa, Tamang, and Chettri communities in one of Nepal’s most isolated, scenic, and untouched areas.This trek’s attractions include Rolwaling Valley, Khumbu, Tamang and Sherpa villages, and breathtaking vistas.Crossing across suspension bridges and timber bridges is also a heart-rending experience. Here, you will be one with the nature.

The Rolwaling Valley Trek allows you to stay and witness and learn more about the rich Tamang and Sherpa cultures. You will also have the opportunity to learn about Tibetan Sherpas as well as other diverse cultures while wandering through a Rhododendron forest.It leads you through dense woodland and past little Sherpa communities. You will travel across the Rolwaling valleys, passing through the magnificent farmland of the Bhote Koshi and Sun Koshi valleys, as well as the alpine valley and glacial lakes of the upper Rolwaling region.The Rowling valley is rich in alpine lakes, hanging glaciers, moraines, high meadows, waterfalls, and a backdrop of snowy hills.

The hike begins with a lovely drive down the Kathmandu-Lhasa highway to the old trade town of Barabise. Trekkers will be hiking through deep, dark primeval woods and large slopes, surrounded by breathtaking views of adjacent mountain peaks such as Chekigo (6257m), Kang Nachugo (6737m), Chuyima Go (6258m), Ramdung Peak (5930m), and Parchemuche (6273m).This trek also offers breathtaking views of mountains like Mt. Everest, Mt. Nuptse, Mt. Lhotse, Gauri Shankar, Langtang Lirung, Dorje Lakpa, Ama Dablam, Kusum Kangaroo, Thamserku, Kwang Dae, Cholaste, Twache, and other peaks.

The bio-diversity of the Rolwaling Valley Trek is its most appealing feature. For newcomers, the rhododendron and pine woodland mixed with terraced fields and settlements is very charming.The area is abundant in vegetation and wildlife, including rare animals and birds.There are 16 distinct plant types in this region, as well as diverse wildlife species such as 235 bird species, 34 mammal species, 16 fish species, 14 snake species, 10 amphibian species, 8 lizard species, and so on. The Rolwaling valley forest is home to Himalayan black bears, musk deer, monkeys, and over 250 bird species.

What is required for this trek?

In terms of physical difficulties,the remote, untouched area of Rolwalingis fairly tough. So, this journey requires prior trekking expertise, a fit body, climbing experiences and a love of trekking.

In terms of permits, hikers must acquire a special peak climbing permission along with Gauri Shankar Conservation GCAP Permit. Although there is no checkpoint, TIMS is suggested for you and your guide’s safety and security.

The journey to Rolwaling and the Tashi-Lapcha Pass is one of Nepal’s most difficult treks, requiring expedition-style camping and full logistical assistance. So, make sure to choose trusted agency for the journey.

Best Time for the trek

The months of September to November are likely to be the greatest months of the year to travel on the Rolwaling trek since the weather will be clear, rewarding you with spectacular vistas. Also, March, April, and May, are all good months to visit.


The Rolwaling Valley is undoubtedly regarded as one of the most stunning trekking destinations in the world.The satisfaction and the feeling of accomplishment at the end of this trek is going to take permanent place in your heart.Overall, trekking via Rolwaling Valley Trek provides hikers with an unforgettable lifetime experience.


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