17th March 2024

Nepal’s Nightlife Beyond Lakeside Pokhara and its heritages

Nepal’s Nightlife Beyond Lakeside Pokhara

Nepal is a beautiful land of the Himalayas known for its unique cultural heritages. Additionally, it has inspiring landscapes and
vibrant cities. Moreover, Lakeside Pokhara is probably one of the most popular tourist destinations and vibrant cities
in Nepal, known for its stunning lakeside views in the backdrop of beautiful Himalayas in the Annapurna
ranges. Although the nightlife of Nepal is not as bustling as in some other countries, still there are some places
where you can experience a bit of nightlife.

Lakeside Pokhara is amongst the vibrant places where you
can enjoy interesting nightlife. Furthermore, while the daytime is filled with tourists enjoying scenic landscapes
and adventure activities, the nightlife is followed by bars and restaurants, live music, rooftop bars, themed
events, parties, lounges, and late-night hangouts.


Features of nightlife in Lakeside Pokhara


1. Bars and Restaurants

There are many bars and restaurants on the lakeside. These venues offer a relaxed atmosphere with great
ambiance. Moreover, one can enjoy the great hospitality of the venues along with delicious food, drinks, and scenic
beauty. Furthermore, many venues host live music, cultural events, and performances featuring local artists. It’s always a
great choice to visit restaurants and bars on the lakeside for dinner with family and friends.

2. Lakeside Pokhara walk

The Lakeside Pokhara walk is a beautiful experience in the nighttime. Firstly, the cold breeze from the lake and mountains adds to the atmosphere. Secondly, the serenity of the lake on one side is complemented by  the lights, music, and sounds of cafes/ restaurants on the other side. Additionally, the walk along the lakeside provides a different energy. Moreover, the picturesque setting and positive aura of the place
makes the lakeside a great location for a leisurely walk.

3. Live music

As you walk past the lakeside and streets of Pokhara, you can hear the music echoing from the restaurants
and bars. Additionally, many venues in Pokhara host live music from local artists during the nighttime. Therefore, you can enjoy
quality time listening to music accompanied by a variety of food, drinks, and a delightful ambiance.


4. Themed Events and Parties

Lakeside is a popular place for hosting various themed events and parties. Additionally, there may be many ongoing
events happening around the lakeside such as karaoke nights, DJ parties, cultural programs, and performances
from renowned artists. Furthermore, one can check with the local establishments for any scheduled events. Moreover,
Lakeside is also an awesome destination for organizing any of your events, programs, and parties.

5. Night clubs

If you love loud music, late-night hangouts, and dance, lakeside Pokhara is probably a wonderful place with dance clubs and discos. Firstly, full of domestic and local people moving at the different grooves. Furthermore, the night
clubs have a beautiful mix of local and international music to cater to the tastes of different people with
different tastes.

6. Street foods and markets

As you walk past the streets of Lakeside, you will come across the street food stalls and night market. Additionally, the
night market offers a variety of local and international fast foods. Furthermore, the crowd, the food, the surroundings,
and the serenity in the hustle add a lively element to the nightlife of Pokhara.

7. Late Night Hangouts

Lakeside Pokhara is a popular tourist destination with a variety of café, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, discos,
street markets,traditional heritages, etc. Additionally, it is a perfect location to dine in a relaxed atmosphere with live music and so much
going on in the surroundings. Furthermore, It is an ideal place for late-night gatherings.

8. Cultural events

Lakeside is a top choice for various organizers to host different cultural and other programs. Depending on the time of the year and local dates, we can see various lively programs happening around in some of the cultural heritages and other places too. During the new
year and festivals like Dashain, Tihar, Holi, and Losar, we can see various fun-filled cultural eventsaccompanied by cultural music, dances, and other activities. Additionally,Nepal’s Nightlife Beyond Lakeside Pokhara!Many people may assume that Nepal’s nightlife is limited to Pokhara but there are still many places beyond Pokhara where you can enjoy Nepal’s nightlife. Various locations around Nepal
offer some unique and interesting nightlife experiences.

1. Thamel, Kathmandu

For any local and international tourist, Thamel is a buzzing destination in the heart of the capital city,
Kathmandu. Additionally, characterized by old narrow streets and alleys, the place is filled with a variety of shops, cafes,
restaurants, bars, clubs, and music venues. Moreover, Thamel is a top choice for anyone willing to enjoy Nepal’s
nightlife beyond lakeside Pokhara. Furthermore, you will come across numerous bars, pubs, and live music that makes
the entire environment lively.

Many venues feature live music performances that vary from traditional
Nepali music to rock and jazz. Several clubs and dance bars are open till early morning. You can dance in
the energetic groves of local and international music and discover some local heritages too. The rooftop cafes, bars, and restaurants offer a great ambiance and variety of food to enjoy quality time with your friends and families. In addition, the street
food and street market of Thamel adds a local flavor to the hustle of the place. Lastly, the city lights, music, and
buzz of the alleys make the nightlife in Thamel even more fun and lively.

2. Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur

Jhamsikhel in Lalitpur is an emerging destination to enjoy lively nightlife in Nepal revealing some beautiful heritages inside it. Additionally, lying near Patan Durbar Square area, there are a growing number of restaurants, pubs, cafes, bars, cultural, and rooftop
venues. Moreover, known for its modern and cosmopolitan atmosphere, Jhamsikhel is emerging as a lively and
buzzing area that attracts both locals and expatriates.

Jhamsikhel has many restaurants and cafes with a
relaxed ambiance that offer delicious food for different tastes. In addition, the bars and pubs in Jhamsikhel offer
beverages from local and international brands. It has places for live music and DJ performances. We are
some many events and themed parties happening around various venues in Jhamsikhel. The art galleries
and cultural spaces, boutique stores, late-night eateries, relaxed hangout spots, and community events
happening around Jhamsikhel make the nightlife of Jhamsikhel appealing.

3. Durbarmarg, Kathmandu

Lakeside Pokhara and Thamel are the two most popular areas in Nepal for nightlife, but other places
 are worth exploring. In addition, Durbarmarg is one of them. It is a commercial zone right on the way to
King’s palace, which is now a museum. Here, you can find luxurious cafes, restaurants and bars, shops,
Qfx cinemas, shopping malls, etc. You can either enjoy delicious food in some luxurious ambiance or drink  in the bar enjoying the live music. Furthermore, watching movies, late-night hangouts, nightclubs, late-night
shopping or just a random stroll around the pavement of Durbarmarg, the place has so much to offer.

4. Lainchaur, Kathmandu

Lainchaur is another place to explore the nightlife in Nepal. Near  Thamel and Durbarmarg, Lainchaur
has many restaurants, bars, cafes, clubs, and event venues. Additionally, in the evening, we can notice the flow of
people in those restaurants, bars, café, clubs, and event venues. The beautiful street lights, sounds of live
music, buzzing environment along with delicious food in a beautiful ambiance, nightlife in Lainchaur,
Kathmandu is a wonderful experience.

5. Kumaripati, Lalitpur

Like Jhamsikhel, Kumaripati is an emerging commercial area near Patan Durbar Square which is one of the most appealing heritages inside lalitpur. Additionally, the growing residential population has accelerated the opening of new cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs, and markets in
that area. Mostly, the flow of local and international tourists to Patan Durbar Square has increased the
buzz of people in this place. Similarly, like in other places in Nepal with an active nightlife, we can see people dining
in restaurants, enjoying drinks, clubbing in the grooves of local and international music, and strolling
around the local streets encouraging the local markets and street foods.

6. Boudha, Kathmandu

Boudha, located in the eastern part of Kathmandu is a popular religious hub for Buddhists. Additionally, the place has
its own religious and cultural significance. Moreover, the name “Boudha” comes after the name of the popular
UNESCO listed the world’s heritages site Boudhanath stupa. It is one of the largest stupas in Nepal with few heritages inside it too.Consequently, owning to its popularity amongst local and international tourists, the place has many restaurants and cafes that serve people delicious food and drinks.

The teahouses, cafes, and restaurants in Boudha are filled with
customers adding a buzz to the area. In addition, it is a great experience to sit in a coffee house near Boudhanath stupa
and enjoy its serene view with a sip of tea/ coffee. Besides, there are many local markets, street food, and
venues that give you an idea of Nepal’s nightlife beyond lakeside Pokhara.
So, if you are in Nepal for trekking in Nepal or any other Nepal tour and are willing to experience the
nightlife life of Nepal, lakeside Pokhara is a topmost place.

However, if you are looking for other cities nearby
Kathmandu, Thamel, Lainchaur, Durbarmarg, Kumaripati, Jhamsikhel, etc. can be some wonderful
destinations to enjoy Nepal’s nightlife beyond lakeside Pokhara.

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