Mr. Santa Bahadur Gurung

Santa is another executive director at Nepal Intrepid Treks who is responsible for all the tasks within an organization. He maintains coordination between field staffs and office staffs to make every travel assignments a huge success. He is responsible for making all the arrangements with our other business partners for functional and operational tasks.

He is a dedicated person who does every task with much effort. The lust in nature, Himalayas, river, valleys, and hills had always enchanted him. No wonder he started his career in the field of Nepalese tourism. Prior to his associations with Nepal Intrepid Treks, he has worked as a guide for many years and is knowledgeable and well acquainted with geography, routes and diverse culture of Nepal. Besides, he is another young blood like other members in Nepal Intrepid Treks who have made up his mind to work for the development of Nepalese tourism industry.

Personally, he is cheerful, friendly and good at managing things. He is a quick learner and a dedicated person. He loves to spend his time within the ecstasy of nature.