Ganga Gurung

Mr. Ganga Gurung was born in the village of Dhading district. From his childhood, he was always close to nature. He remembers how he had enjoyed his childhood with the elegance of nature. As he grew up, he explored different places around Nepal. He was enthralled by the beauty of nature and was motivated to work as a travel guide. He believes that work comes with passion. So, he made up his mind to work as a travel guide and know more about Nepal and let other people know about the magnificence of Nepal. He has worked as a guide for more than four years by now. He is happy when he accompanies other people for their vacation. He finds happiness in the happiness of other people. He looks forward to serving people for the years to come.

Mr. Ganga Gurung is a well-trained guide and has obtained a valid license to work as a travel guide. He speaks English fluently.