Our Team

Lal Gurung

Mr. Lal Gurung

Lal Gurung is a young entrepreneur who considers traveling as an essence of life. Born in a beautiful village of Dhading (Northern

Mr. Santa Bahadur Gurung

Santa is another executive director at Nepal Intrepid Treks who is responsible for all the tasks within an organization. He maintains coordination


Kamal Gurung

Originally from the Dhading district of Nepal, Mr. Kamal Gurung is an enthusiastic spirit who has been working in the field of

Ganga Gurung

Mr. Ganga Gurung was born in the village of Dhading district. From his childhood, he was always close to nature. He remembers


Ram Gurung

Mr. Ram Gurung is originally from Dhading district but is not unknown to any regions or any trekking routes in Nepal. His

Kapil Jung Kunwar

Kapil Jung Kunwar

Kapil Jung Kunwar is a knowledgeable tour guide who has been working in the field of tourism since past ten years. He

Nishan Gurung

Nishan Gurung

Nishan Gurung is an energetic and passionate guide who has been guiding people to their dream destinations since past five years.  He

Bir Gurung

Bir Gurung (Prince)

Bir Gurung is another wonderful guide of Nepal Intrepid Treks who has been serving in the field of Nepalese tourism since three

Phuri Gyalzen Sherpa

Phuri Gyalzen Sherpa

Passionate about peak climbing, Phuri Gyalzen Sherpa is a well experienced and professional climbing guide who has been working since past ten