8th March 2018

Is It Safe To Choose Trekking Agency In Nepal Run By Trekking Guides?

After lots of hard work and savings people embark on a vacation. Investment in traveling is actually the acquirement of different culture, traditions, and splendors of Mother Nature beyond one’s usual comfortable surroundings. Nepal is an abode of a plethora of mountains, forests, rivers, hills and heritage wonders. The country has been an ideal holiday destination for years to come. Mountainous terrain and green lush vegetation including a multi-ethnic communities paved way for various wilderness adventure activities. Walking holiday in Nepal has been a major touristic activity in Nepal. Trekking in Nepal or tramping and also sometimes termed as hiking has been attracting lots of people to Nepal. Places like Mount Everest region, Annapurna region, Langtang region, Manaslu region and numerous off the beaten paths hold major trekking routes in Nepal for trekkers to trek on.

Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp

Trekking in Nepal

Though trekking is very popular in Nepal there are numerous hurdles too. Trekkers have to reach more than 5000 m height in some places. The trail is rugged, rocky and sometimes covered by snow. The trails consist of forests, rivers, and villages. The Himalayas to hilly terrain and forests to barren places are highly wild. Therefore, extreme guidance and care should be taken. If trekked alone the danger of missing the trail and falling on crevasses might occur. Extreme unpredictability in climate generally brings lots of confusion and wilderness. There are many incidents where trekkers went missing because of a lack of knowledge about the area.

trekking agency in Nepal

Amidst all these things there is a great debate that what type of trekking agency in Nepal should be chosen for trekking in Nepal. There are numerous trekking agencies in Nepal. Some trekking agencies are registered and some are run illegally. These trekking agencies are either run by business background people or trekking guides. Lots of arguments are held regarding the safe trekking. The major strong point is that trekking at high altitude requires extreme experience not on administration level but on the physical level.

This blogger identifies that trekking agency run by trekking guides are highly safe and secured. These extreme professionals know about all the hardships and problems faced in Trekking route. Therefore, your problems will be solved promptly. Travel with the trekking agency run by trekking guides and you will be blessed by the services, humility, and dedication shown by these intrepid people. These people care more about you than business minded people.

For momentous trip and trekking in Nepal choose trekking agency run by trekking guides.


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