12th April 2020

Happy Nepalese New Year 2077

Happy Nepalese New Year 2077

With the end of the year 2076, we are here to set out for a new beginning! It’s time to change our Nepalese calendar because it’s the starting of a new year and a new day. On this auspicious occasion of New Year, Nepal Intrepid Treks would like to take our time to wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year.

This year, our circumstances are different. When we travel back to time, exactly a year ago, all we can imagine is fun, adventure, travel and happiness. Many of us were travelling to different places, some of us were dancing in the groves of live music, some of us were spending a family vacation in some authentic locations, delicious food, liveliness in the surrounding, everything was so lively and vibrant.

But this time, the scenario is totally different. At present, the whole world is in the fear of the pandemic COVID-19. Whole world is suffering due to its sudden outbreak. Many people are infected and many of us have lost our dear ones. We all are living a life of fear. Nothing could have been more depressing. Who on the earth would like to stay back at home when New Year is around?

But it’s the demand of time. We have to stay back at home for our safety and for the safety of others. The pandemic is taking lives and we cannot give it an opportunity for a further loss of human life. As it is said, let’s break the chain so that we can go back to our normal lives and lead a fun-filled happy life again.

A day will come when all this will be over and we all will be travelling to different places, enjoying various adventure activities, delicious food and fearless life. In those days to come, Nepal Intrepid Treks shall accompany you as we have always done.

Till then, let’s stay at home with our family and enjoy our new year.

May this year mark a new beginning with some positive vibes in near future.

Happy Nepalese New Year 2077 once again!



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