Flight Delay and Cancellation

Flight Delays and Cancellation in Nepal

Flight delays and cancellation is quite frequent in Nepal owing to its difficult topographic and geographical conditions. The mountains, hills, valley and its dramatic locations make various domestic airports in Nepal quite difficult for taking off and landing. This is one of the main causes of flight delays and cancellation in Nepal. Besides, the Tribhuwan International Airport in Nepal lacks a technology of Instrumental Landing System for domestic flights to handle the takeoff and landing in adverse weather conditions like strong wind, rainfall and blinding fogs. Therefore, flight delays and cancellations are inevitable during monsoon season and days with adverse weather conditions.

Generally, flight delays and cancellation occurs in between January to February and June to August which is considered as off season for travelling to Nepal. January to February is very cold which causes thick fog to distort the visibility. Likewise, June to August is the monsoon season. The weather is gloomy with clouds and heavy rainfall. Flight delays and cancellation are less likely to occur during peak seasons like March to May and September to November because at this time of year, the weather is dry and the skies are clear.

Flight delays and cancellation has evolved as a problem to tourism industry in Nepal. Flight delays and cancellation disrupts the planned schedule of the travelers and makes them disappointed. Some travelers may not have extra days in Nepal than the planned days and in this circumstance many travelers are compelled to leave Nepal without travelling to the intended destination. This has brought negative effects to promotion of tourism in Nepal.

Therefore, if you are travelling to Nepal, there you must prepare yourself for flight delays and cancellation because it may occur anytime in your planned schedule. Therefore, an extra day than the planned schedule is highly recommended! Generally all the trekking regions in Nepal are accessible by road other than Lukla airport. Therefore, if you have extra day, you can even ride to that place for trekking. Apart from extra days of travel, travel insurance is also mandatory because it may insure you against the loss caused due to flight delay and cancellation.