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Everest Base Camp Trek and its worthiness

Everest Base Camp Hike

Everest Base Camp Hike

At Thukla memory wall

 Everest Base Camp Hike is different than hundreds of other hiking options in Nepal or around the world. It is a journey to the world’s highest peak on the earth. Everest Base Camp Hike takes you to the world’s greatest height and lets you relish the glories of mountains in Everest region that rise tall one over another. It is a lifetime achievement where you can explore the glory of mountains, Himalayan terrain, Himalayan floras and faunas along with the interesting lifestyle of people in the Himalayan regions. An elevation of Everest base camp is 5364 meters.

Everest Base Camp Hike and its worthiness.

When anyone asks about Everest Base Camp Hike and its worthiness, Nepal Intrepid Treks suggests that Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the most worth it trek that would act as a trophy for lifetime – a trophy of being there on the top of the world!

  1. Lifetime achievement

Everest Base Camp Hike is a lifetime achievement where you can proudly say that you have successfully accomplished your journey to the top of the world. The journey to Everest Base Camp Hike is not just about being there on the base camp, but a collection of memories of your steps to heaven. The majestic mountains, hills, valleys, forests, glaciers and the Sherpa villages, all in a single journey makes the trek a lifetime achievement.

  2. Views of world’s highest mountain along with other mountains in Everest Base Camp Hike

During the Everest Base Camp Hike, you will be showered with some astounding views of mountains and Himalayan terrain that you have had never experienced before. Right from the starting of the Everest Base Camp Hike, flight from Kathmandu to Lukla, you will be able to get some majestic views of mountains. During the flight, you will feel as if you are flying parallel to the mountains.

Even on the Everest Base Camp Hike route, starting from Lukla to the Base Camp, you will be able to enjoy some enchanting views of mountains that will get closer and closer as you march forward towards your destination. Mt. Thamserku, Mt. Tawache, Mt. Ama Dablam, Mt. Nuptse, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Everest along with other neighboring peaks are some of the highlighted peaks that you will be ever to admire during your journey to Everest Base Camp Hike.

  3. Namche Bazaar

Also, known as a gateway to the Everest Base Camp Hike, Namche Bazaar is a buzzing town in the Everest region of Nepal that comprises of hotel, lodges, settlements and varieties of shops. If you need anything for your journey ahead, that you could not collect earlier in Kathmandu, you can collect it here in the shops of Namche. Namche Bazaar is a bit crowded than other places in that region. You can see the people, dzopko and the trekking groups moving here and there along the narrow trail in the Namche area. Though it sounds hassle, it is quite interesting to watch and observe people in that area.

  4. Khumbu glacier

Everest Base Camp Hike

Everest Base Camp & Khumbu Glacier

Khumbu glacier is a famous and most visited glacier in the Khumbu region of Nepal. It is a fragment in the Everest region that is covered with snow. Anyone climbing up to the summit of Everest has to pass through this glacier. Climbing up to the khumbu glacier is considered risky as it is prone to various avalanches. But the spectacular views of mountains, icefalls and glaciers from here are beyond any words of expression. 

  5. Sherpa people and their lifestyle

The local indigenous people residing in Himalayas are generally the Sherpa people. They have their own unique culture, custom and lifestyle. They follow the Tibetan Buddhist culture and enjoy their day to day life within the hardships of Himalayas. They have to bring all the basic needs items from Lukla itself. The traders use Dzopkos to transport goods whereas local carry it by themselves.

They have live in extreme cold conditions. Walking up and down through the path that undulates up and down is tiring. However, within these hardships, they live their life happily enjoying their daily activities. The Sherpa people are also considered as very humble and warm hearted people who welcome all the outsiders and make them feel homely.

  6. Tengboche monastery

Tengboche monastery is a popular spiritual hub in the Everest Base Camp Hike. Situated at the height of 3867 meters, it is one of the largest and popular monasteries in Khumbu region that les in the trail to the Everest Base Camp Hike. This monastery is placed in a perfect location, on a top of a hill, at a confluence of Imja and Dudh koshi river with the stunning Ama Damblam mountain in the backdrop. The place is not only known for its religious value but for the awesome views of mountains in Everest region. It offers magnificent views of mountains in Everest region that includes Everest, Nuptse, Lhotse, Ama Dablam, and Thamserku.

Every year, Mani Rimdu festival is celebrated here, in this monastery, with great joy and excitement.The local people and pilgrims from various corners of the world come here in the tenth lunar month of Tibetan calendar and enjoy the festival by performing various religious rituals, performing traditional dances, plays, etc. People are dressed in their tradition attire and the whole environment looks vivid and vibrant with the prayer flags.

  7. Nangkartshang Hill climbing

Nangkartshang Hill stands at an elevation of 4410 meters (14468 feet). It is also known as NangkarTshang Peak. Ascending on Nangkartshang Hill is a part of the Everest Base Camp Hike. Hikers take this climbing opportunity as acclimatization to high altitude. You can enjoy spectacular mountain vistas while climbing Nangkartshang Hill. Climbing on Nangkartshang Hill is not technically complicated, but the high altitude and steepness of the trail can make it hard.

  8. Thulka memorial

Everest Base Camp Hike

View from Thukla memorywall

As you climb up the trail from Thulka, you will find a plateau filled with sad stories in that region. There is a memorial in the remembrance of all those brave climbers, trekkers and local people who have died on their way back from Everest. Some people had become the target of avalanches while some were the victim of earthquake in 2015. We can also see the memorial of the legendary mountaineer – Scott Fisher in that place. We can pay respect to all those great souls during our journey to Everest Base Camp.

  9. Kala Patthar climbing

Kala Patthar stands at 5545 meters (18192 feet) above sea level. It lies in the Khumbu region of eastern Nepal. The way to Everest Base Camp Hike and climb Kala Patthar is the same until Gorakshep. So that every hiker’s ascent both in a single trip. Gorakshep is the last spot of residence. The Ascent time from Gorakshep to Kala Patthar is about 2 hours 45 minutes. Kala Patthar offers breathtaking views of Mt.Everest, Lhotse, Nuptse, Amadablam, Pumori, Lingtren, Khumbutse, and other surrounding peaks in 360 degrees. Everyone can climb Kala Patthar. It doesn’t require technical climbing skills, but physical fitness and acclimatization to high altitudes should be considered.

  10. Lukla airport

Landing on the airport of Lukla is a thrilling experience for anyone. Owning to its narrow runaway that is placed in a dramatic location amidst the mountains, Lukla airport is also considered as one of the dangerous airport and flight experience. Despite of this fact, travelers have expressed their joy of being able to relish the experience of flying parallel to the sky dominating mountains in that region.

  11. Sagarmatha National Park

Listed in the charts of UNESCO World heritage sites, Sagarmatha National Park is a national park in the Everest region of Nepal that is dominated by Mt. Everest and other towering peaks in that nation. During your journey to the Everest Base Camp Hike, you will be walking in the periphery of Sagarmatha National Park for most of the time. The landscape in that region varies from rivers, mountain lakes, glaciers, hills to the mountains. Similarly, in the lower forested zone, you can find the trees of birch, juniper, firs, bamboo, rhododendron, etc. As the altitude increases, you can find dwarf shrubs which are followed by lichens and mosses only.

The area is a home to many rare species of plants, animals and birds that are found only in the Himalayan region. Musk deer, Himalayan black beer, Himalayan panda, thars and langur monkeys are some common animal species found in those areas. Likewise, birds like Himalayan Munal, Pheasant, red-billed/ yellow billed chough, etc are found in the park.

All these features in a single trip enhance the value of Everest Base Camp Hike and its worthiness. If you want to take advantage of this worthy trip in a comfortable and hassle free manner, remember you reliable travel partner – Nepal Intrepid Treks! We are at your assistance 24/7.


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