Bhutan is a small mountainous country locked in between two giant nations India and China. Located in the eastern Himalayas, Bhutan is a country full of geographical and cultural richness. Also regarded as the land of Thunder Dragon, Bhutan is nothing less than a natural paradise. The mountainous terrain, lush hills, valleys, rivers, waterfalls gives Bhutan a gorgeous natural outlook. Similarly, Mahayana Buddhism religion prevalent in Bhutan is a unique religion of its own kind. The unadulterated culture, custom, traditions and festivals are the most appealing aspect of Bhutan that has left every visitors to Bhutan in wonder.

If you seek for peace in laps of Himalayas, then Bhutan is probably the place that you must visit. The impressive views of mountainous terrain and lush landscape will leave you in wonder. Moreover, cultural aspect is the most captivating part of this country. The dzongs, monasteries, temples, palaces, etc are magnificently built. The vividness in the festivals, culture, traditions, and costumes is beyond any words of expression. The traditional dances, plays, acts, etc are the rejuvenating aspect of Bhutanese culture.

Thimpu, Paro and Punakha are the top places to visit in Bhutan. Any tour in Bhutan will take you to these three places as there is so much to explore and cherish.  You can visit various cultural heritages like Memorial Chorten, Changangkha, Nunnery temple, Folk Heritage museum, traditional paper factory, Tashichho dzong, etc at Thimpu. Punakha is a beautiful village where you can visit Druk Wangyal Monastery and Chimi Langkhang in the backdrop of beautiful Himalayas. Besides, you can also enjoy charming villages, farmlands and interact with hostile people. Khamsam Yulley Chorten is also an attraction in Punakha not to be missed. Tiger’s nest monastery is a popular monastery in Paro that is located in a dramatic location – on the edge of a cliff. It is believed to be the same place where Guru Rimpoche has meditated and fled away on the back of a tigress after his meditation.

Some of the general information about country Bhutan is as follows:

Country: Bhutan

Capital: Thimpu

Religion: Buddhism

Denonym: Bhutanese

Government: Unitary Parliamentary constitutional monarchy

Legislature: Parliament

Area: 38,

Population: 797,765

Currency: Ngultrum

Time zone: UTC+6

Drive on: left

Calling code: +975

ISO 3166 Code: BT

Internet TLD: .bt

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