Mustang Region Trek

Mustang Region Trek is considered as one of the wildest and mystic land that can be travelled within Nepal. A trek to Mustang region offers a privilege of walking in to the barren land with almost no trees accompanied by the wind howling in the backdrop of Himalayas. Despite of its isolation from rest of the world, the region is still able to capture heart of many fellow travellers owning to the hostile and diversified landscape it possesses. The word – Mustang has been derived from two Tibetan words – Mun and Tan which means fertile plain. As the region lies in the borderline of Tibet, the landscape, culture and vegetation resembles to that of Tibet plateaus.

The Mustang Region Trek as a whole is further divided into two regions – upper and lower mustang. Based on this division, the trekking journey to mustang goes through two different routes: one through Upper Mustang Trek and another through Lower Mustang. Looking at the trend of travellers, the upper mustang is more preferred than the lower one. Upper Mustang, also known as the Kingdom of Lo comprises one third of the total mustang region. It is a natural fantasy that offers ancient culture and tradition is abundance. As you walk through the region, you will feel as if you have travelled back to time. Mustang region used to be a separate kingdom ruled by kings until 2008. After that the monarchy deceased however the locals still recognize Jigme Dorje Palbar Bista as the king of Lo Kingdom. The colorful prayers flags, chortens and mani walls on the way depicts the Buddhist culture prevalent in this area. As you walk by the dry land of mustang, you can see traditional stone walled houses with flat roofs. People live a very normal and traditional life. They are engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry for livelihood.

Generally, the region is inhabited by the people of Thakali, Gurung and Magar origin. Tiji festival is a popular festival celebrated here in a grand manner. Though the land is dry and rough, the views of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri add to the beauty of the region. You can enjoy the cultural diversity as you walk in to the wild terrain of Mustang accompanied by the magnificent views of Himalayas. So, get set to explore the diversity in people, culture and nature as you walk through off the beaten trail of Mustang.

Mustang Region Trek Packages

Jomsom Muktinath Trek

The part of Annapurna and Mustang Region Trek! Jomsom Muktinath Trek is a holy trek to Muktinath – a popular religious hub

US$ 1300
14 Days
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Mustang Tiji Festival Trek

Want to explore the Mustang and Cherished with the proerty of Mustang? Mustang Tiji Festival Trek is an excellent way to relish

US$ 2090
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