About Tibet

Tibet is an exotic destination for a wonderful vacation amidst the Tibetan plateaus and mountains. Isolated in between the Himalayas and plateaus, lies a magnificent place popular as Tibet. Tibet is a preference of every travel lover who would love to be amidst the mountains and would love to explore the ancient Tibetan culture. Tibet is the southern borderline of China and is the highest and largest plateau which is also popular as “the Roof of the world.”

This plateau is a perfect mix of a variety of landscape that includes valleys, mountains, plateaus, river and high altitude lakes. The major highlights of Tibet are its strong Tibetan influenced culture, outstanding natural scenery, and hostile Tibetan people. In Tibet, you will be able to encounter ancient Tibetan style houses and building. At Lhasa, you can explore the artistic and grand palaces, temples, and monasteries. Potala Palace, Norbulingka Palace, Jokhang Temple, Sera Monastery and Drepung monastery are the major highlights of any tour to Lhasa city.

Talking about natural fantasies, you can reach the roof of the world i.e. Everest Base Camp via overland ride. The place is spectacular with splendid views of mountains, plateaus and beautifully embedded turquoise colored glacial lakes. The Tibetan Buddhist culture is prevalent in Tibet which is unique and pure in its own kind. People celebrate their own festivals which are quite colorful and full of fun.

The masked dances act, plays, traditional costumes are unique features of Tibetan Buddhist culture. Mt. Kailash is a holy mountain that attracts the attention of millions of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain pilgrims. Pilgrims visit this mountain to perform Kora and take a holy dip into the Mansarovar lake. As per Hindu mythology, Mt. Kailash is the abode place of Lord Shiva.

When it comes to Tibet tours, you have a lot of options. Nepal Intrepid Treks offers Tibet tours like Kailash Mansarovar Tour, Lhasa Kathmandu Tour, Simikot Kailash Lhasa Tour and Tibet Experience Tour. Apart from the tour, you also have trekking options like Everest Advanced Base Camp Trek and Tibet Everest Base Camp Trek. You can enjoy the grandeur and wild appeal of Mt. Everest without exhilarating yourself in an easy manner with an overland ride. However, sustaining with the gain in elevation can be a problem.

Some of the general information about Tibet is as follows:
Country: China
Region: Separate Autonomous Region of China
Capital: Lhasa
Religion: Tibetan Buddhism
Demonym: Tibetan
Government: Autonomous Region of China
Area: 1,228,400sq.km.
Population: 3,002,166
Currency: Chinese Yuan
Time zone: UTC+8